Course Curriculum

In depth training starting with the basics. Payment Plan available.

  • Business and Regulatory Basics

  • Interpreting legislation, manuals, Ministerial instructions and policies

  • Reading, interpreting and applying Case Law

  • Consultations and Client communication

  • Temporary entry documents

  • Visitors - the basics

  • Students - The basics

  • Workers - The basics

  • Transitioning from one type of status to another

  • Dependents

Bonus material

  • Start your experiential portfolio

    We know gaining experience as an RCIC is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Options are extremely limited. Internships and paid positions with other firms are few and far between. This program will offer the opportunity to gain several in depth pieces of simulated experience, providing guidance from simply learning to open and manipulate immigration forms, to dealing with clients to submitting your application. Best yet, your work will be assessed and graded by former immigration officers who will provide detailed feedback about where you can improve.

  • One hour one-on-one Q&A with Instructor

    Each participant may utilize one full hour of consultation time to ask any questions about any of the subject matter.

  • CPD Credit

    Some CPD credit will be assessed for some components. CPD credit is pending. Watch this space for the final value.